Sayings: Give to gain

He is no fool, he gives what he cannot keep to obtain what he cannot lose.

Tracy Evans

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Youth Week 2014 – The Review

Youth Week has come and gone
But the impact of it still remains.
Long after we return to “normal life”
Will we experience the impact made to us
By the week spent in the company of the Godly.

Young in the faith and spiritually mature
Came together with one purpose;
To experience the presence of the Living God.
What a great place to be.
The presence of The Lord,
The atmosphere, the time,
The moment where the gateway between heaven and earth is established.
This is Eden, this is what we experienced.

We sung songs to glorify the Father.
We hearkened our hearts to the Spirit.
We proclaimed our gratitude to the Son.
We raised our hands high in worship.
We raised our hands high.
We touched heaven,
His presence descended on us.
And now we are charged to carry His presence to the world in which we live.
And that we do gladly.
Through His Spirit.
Through His love, grace, mercy, favor and wisdom.

Daily devotion was worth our while.
Many things we learned.
Follow, the One who is the author of life.
Follow, the One who came down and showed us how to live.
Believe, the One who created all.
Believe, the One who our very existence is whose plan from eternity past.
Obey, the One who leads and directs for our own good.
Obey, the One who sets free those held captive by the evils of this world.
That one thing, which He has placed in our hearts to release.
That one thing, which He directs us to achieve.

At the Tabernacle we sung to praise, to worship and to offer our thanksgiving.
At the Tabernacle we learned to draw close to Him.
For we are His plan and He ours.
For us there is #NoPlanB.
He is our only plan and we His.
Yes He can get things done without us but we choose to be the ones He uses.

Sports we played.
Adventure we experienced.
Laughter we shared.
Moments we enjoyed.
Memories we made.
Relationships we created.
Bonds we tightened.
His presence we enjoyed.

Thank you Lord for directing our steps.
For Your Word tells us;
“The steps of the righteous are ordered of The Lord.”
And also
“We are the righteousness of God through Christ.”

Thank you YFC leaders and staff.
Thank you Youth Week committee (especially for the personal invite to be a part of this).
Thank you Youth Week crew (front of house and behind the scenes).
Thank you for the Word (Teacher Abi Ranyane, Ps Howard Fisher and Ps Rob Mallan). We honor you.
Thank you fellow leaders for your servitude. You are all making a difference.
Thank you campers for your presence and willingness to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.
You are all doing great work, do not come down and allow this work to stop.
To God be the glory.

© BG Mthethwa

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 27 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Random Thoughts of a Man Who is Work in Progress

The more I grow the more I experience.
The more I experience the more I learn.
The more I learn the more I unlearn.
The more I unlearn the more I grow.
So what is the point in all this…?
Is it really necessary?

The less I talk the more peace I have.
The less I commit myself the more I can focus on what really matters.
The less I hold back the more I am fulfilled.
The less I focus on myself the more I can give to others.
So what is the point in all this…?
Is it really necessary?

Oh how I wish I could skip into my tomorrow.
To the time where all is completed and I rest.
To the time I live in my destiny.
Oh how I wish I could skip the present.
Away from the present pain and suffering.
Away from the uncertainties.
Away from the pestering questions.
Away from all this… Sigh…

So then; The more I unlearn the more I grow.
Is it really necessary? Certainly!
For I must unlearn the untruths for the truth to abide.
I must unlearn unrighteousness for righteousness to reign.
I must unlearn ungodliness to be godly.
I must unlearn customs, worldliness, habits and practices to be recreated anew.

So then; The less I focus on myself the more I can give to others.
Is it really necessary? Certainly!
I am not here for me but for others.
I cannot serve myself but I can serve others.
I need to be less concerned about myself and more concerned about others.
I will always have me but not always have them.
The true measure of servitude is how you treat those who are below you,
Those who are less fortunate than you,
Those who have less to offer you.

Oh how I wish I could skip into my tomorrow.
For I know that in my tomorrow I am more successful than I am now.
For then my dreams have turned into reality.
For then I live out my visions.
For then I have conquered the giants I am facing now.
For then I have overcome the struggles I am going through.
For then I have attained the breakthrough.

Oh how I wish I could skip into my tomorrow.
Till then I will fight and win.
Till then I will stand strong and not me shaken.
Till then I will stand tall and not cower.
Till then I will walk and not faint.
Till then I will run and not falter.
Till then I will believe.

I have learned…
Everyone has something to offer, big or small.
Everyone is valuable, great or small.
Everyone is special.
Everyone is worthwhile.
And everyone has a story to tell.

We all need to…
Appreciate them.
Listen to them.
Affirm them.
Comfort them.
Love them.
Support them.
And give them the time of day.
Besides don’t we all want that ourselves?
Don’t we all need that ourselves?
Do it for others and it will be done for you.
Give it to others and it will be given back to you.

© BG Mthethwa

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Super-Bike, Check (By Faith)

After a few years of commuting using a GS I decided to upgrade, and boy what an upgrade! In August 2010 I bought a BMW F650GS as an easy introduction to the biking lifestyle. Worth it; are the words that come to mind.


So after 3 years with the GS I decided to do right and move on to play with the big boys. So I sold the GS, it was hard to part with it but it had to be done.

On the day I decided to put my faith into work and believe God for a new bike, within 12 hours I had the finances for it. God is AMAZING. At 11 PM before going to bed on a Thursday night, 21st Nov, I prayed to God for a BMW S1000RR. By the time I woke up on Friday, the 22nd, I had the finances for it.

First things first the tithe (return to God what belongs to God), put some onto work and was still left with lots of money (enough for the bike and gear; all brand spankin’ new!).

So Friday I made some calls, went to a dealership and bought me a bike, no debt. Saturday, the 23rd, I collected the bike. We serve an amazing God. And if God can do such amazing things for a person like me, how much more you…? Put your faith into work; seek His kingdom and His righteousness first though and He’ll add whatsoever things you desire to your life. The Word tell us to delight ourselves in The Lord and He will grant us the desires of our hearts; proven.

Some pics of my answered prayer:






I truly am #BeyondBlessed.

Thank you Lord!

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Something Wonderful


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Doctor, what’s wrong with me…?


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